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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 1 - German Is Hard


First week in the MTC down! Holy schnitzel there is so much to say. 

Highlights of the week: 

- My companion is Sister Smith and she is a sweetheart. She's from Pittsburg and is an amazing pianist. She's reteaching me and I'm learning new hymns! 

- We Germans have 5,000 lbs of language books but they are so helpful. German is HARD. I've been here for only a week and tonight my companion and I will teach our 4th 40 minute lesson completely in German to our investigator, Jenni. There is no way that we should logically be able to teach so much in German after only a week (our first lesson was only 2 days after we got to the MTC!), but we are learning so quickly. 

- The tissues in all of the classrooms at the MTC are "Angel Soft Tissues." I just found that hilarious... angelic MTC tissues. 

- I love our district. We have quite an interesting bunch of characters. Our Elders are all straight out of high school (its really obvious when they spend 30 minutes talking about kangaroos fighting), but they are maturing more and more every day. 

- I have loved seeing familiar faces here at the MTC: Sister Karin Fuller, Sister Chloe Bray, Sister Karenna Meredith, and Elder Jason Davis from freshman year at BYU, Sister Alyssa Greenwood, Sister Jenna Erickson, Sister Theresa Gottfredson, and Elder Seth Bunker from Jerusalem, and our Australian mate Elder Hunter West! I also loved having lunch with friends that work at the MTC. 

 - On Sunday, all of the Sister Missionaries got to watch Music and the Spoken Word and I have now learned that one should NEVER EVER watch that program when you have to go to the bathroom even a little bit... So many nature shots of waterfalls and rivers and lakes and dripping rain and goodness that was brutal. 

My first two days here were rough. But those first two days drove me to my knees and motivated me to work as hard as I possibly could on the language and I am learning to completely put my trust in my Father in Heaven. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and I know that through Christ, we can do hard things. 

Thank you for the letters. I love you all so much and am so grateful for your love and support. 

Schwester Hendricks

2 Nephi 22:2

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