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Monday, March 23, 2015

Das Freude Projekt

Well, this week we got to go to Hamburg for a conference with all of the Sisters serving in the West! I learned a lot and felt spiritually recharged. It was so nice to see Sister Walker for the first time in over a year! It was 6 hours of instruction, discussion, and learning from the spirit. We talked about getting over fears and understanding (and helping the members and Elders understand that we aren´t just girls with name tags, we are missionaries called, set apart, and given authority from God). We also talked a lot about finding people to teach. Interestingly, the day before, Sister Ballard and I came up with a finding idea that we´re really excited about: Das Freude Projekt. We bought 6 large, thick, matte boards (sturdy cardboard) and two bottles of chalkboard paint and turned these boards into a portable, giant chalkboard. This week we are going to start using it! We will put all the boards together on the ground in certain areas in the city and walk around and ask people to participate in a project. We´ll ask them to write what brings them joy on the chalkboard and then talk to them about what brings us joy (the GOSPEL!). The boards will be covered in things that bring people joy. The point is that approaching people about participating in a project and then engaging them in a meaningful conversation is a lot more natural than walking up to people and asking "haben sie hoffnung?" We´re trying to get the youth in our ward involved and I think it will be a really fun and effective way to talk to people and find people to teach. I might even whip out my guitar one time! SO, it was great to have this conference on boldness and focusing on finding people to teach - it was exactly what we needed.

Things with our investigator Magdi are... dynamic... He is such a great person and he wants to learn, he´s just stubborn and we have to make sure that we are keeping the spirit in the lesson. Our investigator, Enoch, is progressing now! He is reading in the Book of Mormon every day and is starting to realize that this is the path that he NEEDS to take. We will meet with him more this week. 

I am out of time! Have an amazing week, all.

Liebe grüße,
Sister Grace Hendricks

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