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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Berlin Trip!

Great week! A few highlights...


 Both Sister Bell and Sister Stacey (two of my all-time favorite sisters) came to Bremen and it was such a good experience. I had the opportunity to be with Sister Bell. Wow. She is a gem. We got so much done and it was so great to hear about her experiences with training. As we discussed WHY we came on our missions, it was powerful to remember the strong sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. It rekindled that initial spark of excitement, faith, and desire to do everything in my power to serve diligently, obediently, and as me, Sister Grace Hendricks. 

 On Wednesday, Sister Ballard and I went to Rejoice's home. She didn't have a ton of time, so we decided to keep it short. We watched the "Because He Lives" video twice and she loved it. We each bore testimony that Christ, as our brother and our Redeemer, knows her. We testified that He has a plan for her and that the message that we will continue to share with her is a part of that divine plan. She said that she felt the Spirit telling her heart that it was true. It was a powerful experience. 


So on Thursday morning, we made our way to Berlin. Despite a Deutsch Bahn Strike, grumpy passengers, and the call of a true Eastern Germany Döner, we finally made it. President gave us permission to take our P-Day in Berlin, so we spent the day sight-seeing. It was so great to see Sister Ballard so excited and in her element. We went to the Brandenburg Tor, the Holocaust Memorial, the Reichstag building, the Berliner Dome, the East Side Gallery, skillfully navigated the U-Bahn system, and saw enough gorgeous cars to make this Sister missionary one very happy camper. 

On Friday, we had Mission Conference with everyone in our mission. The Conference - "Disciples in the Digital Age" - was led by Elder Nielson and Elder Kearon of the First Quorum of the Seventy. We will soon be using iPads!

This week in my studies, I've really focused on feeling the Spirit. Last week, my dear Eliza Smith (soon to be Sister Missionary in the Philippines!!) sent me a copy of a BYU devotional called "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" by F. Enzio Busche. It came to me at the perfect time. The speech reminds each of us that "Too often we are not aware of the powerful gift that rests dormant in us. We cannot be grateful for that which we are not aware, and we cannot activate its power."  I need the Spirit. We all do. 

I also want to say Happy Birthday to one very special 16 year-old. Abigail Marie Hendricks, you are incredible. I am so grateful that you chose to come to our family and be my little sister. You are talented, you are beautiful, you are fun, you are bright, and you are so blessed. The growth that you have made since I have left becomes more obvious to me with each weekly email - both physically (you amazon woman) and spiritually. You are refining skills and strengthening your relationship with your Father in Heaven in ways that will be invaluable to you. I am so proud of the woman that you are becoming and I am honored to be your big sister. You are my Abby-Pie, my Abblet, my cubby. I love you so much. Eat some gross organic birthday loaf to celebrate.

Thank you all for your love and prayers!

Sister Grace Hendricks

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