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Monday, September 28, 2015

Christ - A Perfect Leader

Dear Family and Friends,

Hi. This transfer is flying already. A bizarre, slow-motion kind of flying. Now I just have an image in my head of the super queso doves superimposed on Vasilka's daughter's Bulgarian wedding pictures. Something like that.

After Zone Training Meeting, Distriktsleiterschulung (I really don't know what this is in English and if I translate it exactly, then it sounds weird... it's just another meeting where the Zone Leaders
taught all of the district leaders in our zone and we were invited to help out), an exchange with a brand new trainee in Cottbus, a lot of miles logged on the road, and a few unexpectedly helpful personal studies, this week I learned a lot about leadership what it means to be a good leader. In ZTM, Elder Morales asked us to write down things that we admired have admired in our leaders. A long list started going through my head of all of the leaders I know were put in my life path for a reason.

I thought of district leaders who were in tune enough with the spirit to say exactly what I needed to hear on a nightly phone call. I thought of Sister Training Leaders whose friendship and support at the beginning of my mission was the one thing that kept me sane and encouraged me to keep giving my best. I thought of President Kosak and his unconditional love, matched with his determination to have each missionary realize his/her individual potential as set-apart instruments in the hands of the Lord. I thought of companions who have shown me what it means to be patient, what it means to have complete trust in the Lord, and what it means to truly rely on prayer.

I thought of my family: my father and his sensitivity to the needs of those around him, my mother and her genuine desire to give and serve, my sister Maddy's easy-going and fun-loving spirit, my sister Abby's example of magnifying her God-given talents, and my brother Mark's ability to know when anyone just needs a hug. I thought of bishops and friends and Young Women's teachers and professors. I have been blessed with a lot of really good examples in my life who have taught me how I can be a better person.

Luckily, we have been given the best example of a perfect leader: Christ. As President Spencer W. Kimball taught, the Savior showed us how to serve selflessly and endlessly, to not be afraid of close relationships, to listen, to be patient and loving as we teach, to show our faith in those around us, and to be understanding and compassionate. Christ taught us, through His perfect example, that the best way to lead our own souls and to help others is to love. Christ put "His own needs second and ministered to others beyond the call of duty tirelessly, lovingly, and effectively." He served and led out of love. I hope that this week I will be able to focus a little bit more on showing those around me that I love them.

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Grace

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