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Monday, November 2, 2015

Loving Hamburg

Well, guys, I am in love with H   A   M   B   U   R   G!

I loved the retro textured glass that made the whole Wilhelmsburg chapel glow in diffused, golden autumn light during district meeting on Tuesday as the 1960s organ accompanied "I Need Thee Every Hour" - magical. It was like Hamburg was giving me a hug saying: 'Hi Grace. I know you've got a lil funky in this soul of yours. Welcome to the city where we want you to be just the way you are - your love of decades past, your need to take a minute to appreciate beautiful cars parked in the posh parts of town, your flowered Doc Martins, and all....'

I loved the slightly weird way that Schwester Moon motioned her hands as she was talking about Silver Gelatin - a chemical you can use with photography. Sister Wasden and I munched on the bizarre spinach twists offered to us in a woven reed basket with a "100% organic" sticker on it, and soaked in all of her advice.

I loved the familiar foam on my first Root Beer Float in over a year as we laughed at Schwester Pohl's Christmas light-illuminated dinner table. Homemade vegetable soup had preceded that magical first soft spoonful of root beer-y vanilla goodness and a fashion show from her extensive dress collection followed right after. We walked back to the S-Bahn station with full stomachs, cheeks aching from laughing, and a new dress for each of us. 

I loved the African peanut butter and pancakes that we ate with Janinna, a sweet and soft spoken recent convert. We each rocked a bun on top of our heads and talked about preparing to go to the Temple as her neighbor blasted Jimi Hendrix. 

I love the way Sister Wasden bounces down the stairs at every S-Bahn station. She's from Louisiana and she's hilarious and loves to speak German. She also loves photography, quoting Nacho Libre, and antique stores. Yes!  
God knew exactly what I needed. He always does, right? He is the Great Physician - always there to heal our broken hearts, to give us a loving pat on the back when we get discouraged, and to make us whole and full again. 

Your Hamburg Hunny, 
Sister Grace Hendricks

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