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Monday, December 21, 2015

Learning About Christmas

Dear loved ones,

God gave me two particular moments on Sunday to help me learn about Christmas.

I wish I could somehow capture the way that Farshid's eyes brimmed with tears, gratitude, and awe as Bishop Skibbe handed him a Christmas bag filled with food, clothes, and chocolate. Farshid - our Iranian friend who gave up absolutely everything to learn about the church and who secretly reads his paper-covered copy of the Book of Mormon every single night in a hidden corner of the Refugee camp where he lives - could hardly get out more than a choked "Thank you very much." He ran his fingers across the pattern of the new tie and sweater over and over again. Just as sweet was the look on little Ephraim Skibbe's face as he watched Farshid's gratitude. After, I kneeled down on the carpet next to Ephraim and whispered in his ear: "Ephraim, how did it feel to give Farshid that gift?" He grinned and whispered back "Really good. He was so happy and he didn't even get any toys!" "You know what else I think would be a good idea?" "What?" I gave this sweet little 7 year old a hug and a high 5 and pointed at Farshid. He went right over and hugged Farshid's knees and gave him a double high 5. Farshid was beaming.

Schwester Päblow's eyes were hidden behind the hundreds of happy wrinkles as our motley group of carolers sang a few requested Christmas hymns in her warm, paper snowflake decorated hospital room. Her roommate hummed along as she looked at hand colored cards from her grandchildren and the spirit of Christmas danced along the tones of our 4 part harmonies. Präsident Schmidt (the Hamburg stake President) shared his favorite memory of her deceased husband, kissed her cheek before we left, and as soon as the door closed behind us, told me
"that was a holy moment. She has angels standing all around that hospital bed." A middle-aged woman with a worn-out bible in her hands came out into the hallway and asked if we could sing for her mother. We sang again and my heart felt ready to burst as this sweet, invalid daughter of God beamed and nodded her head along theentire time.

We celebrate Christmas because the example of the Savior drives us to be more loving and kind, more charitable and understanding, more hopeful and positive, more open and generous. That's the reason He was born: to show each of us how our Father in Heaven would have us live and to make up the difference when we fall short. Because He came, all pain, sorrow, injustice, disappointment, shortcoming, loss can be swallowed up by Him who knows us better than anyone.

"For unto us a a child is bborn, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace."

He was given for you.

Have a beautiful Christmas, my dear ones.



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