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Monday, May 4, 2015

Spit Upon But Unfazed


Another full, crazy week. I'd never be able to fit all of what happened into one email, so I'll just tell you about Saturday.

After studies on Saturday morning, we went to an appointment with Vivian. She had requested a Book of Mormon online last year and apparently, the Sisters had a really hard time getting in contact with her. But last month, we finally got a hold of her and she said that would be back in town early in May. So, in true missionary fashion, we called her on May 1st and made an appointment for the next day. The lesson was amazing. Vivian has a 4 year old daughter named Victory and is pregnant. She was rocking rhinestones on her fake eyelashes and was so sweet, loving, and welcoming. We taught her about the Book of Mormon. She had heard about it from a friend and wanted it to change her life just like it had changed her friend's life. She asked us if we could come over every few days and teach her about the book.... WOOHOO! We'll be back on Tuesday. Nah klahr.

As soon as we left Vivian's apartment, we said a prayer of gratitude and then made our way to the bahn stop. As we were about to cross the street, we saw Deborah! She is a friend of a member in the ward and has wanted to meet with us, but her phone has been broken and she was never home when we went by. But she said that God sent us to her right then because a few minutes before, she felt prompted to just take a walk outside with her daughter Johanna. Lo and behold, there we were. We got her new number and talked about her coming to church. She is so excited to meet with us. 

We got on the bahn and some crazy lady started yelling at us and trying to kick us. We were sprinkled with a nice little shower of spit as she got off at the next stop. We weren't even fazed by it - we were on a missionary high :) 

Later that day, we gave Frau Selimovic the Book of Mormon on CD so that she can actually listen to it between visits. What was supposed to be a 5 minute drop-off turned into a spiritual discussion about why we are on the earth and ALL of her 6 children were there. I love this family so much. They are so prepared. We had taught her the first half of the Plan of Salvation the day before and she told us how much she had been pondering what we talked about and how it applied to her and her family.  She is so humble and ready for the gospel. We are hoping to put her on baptismal date this week. We are so excited. 

Well, we are working hard and the Lord is blessing us. Of course, we have our ups and downs, but as with all things  with the Lord, the miracle of seeing people transformed by the gospel outweighs frustrations and challenges infinitely. 

Thank you for your love, prayers, and example. 

Liebe Grüße,

Sister Grace Hendricks

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