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Monday, May 18, 2015

Transferred to Berlin!

Hello! I'll start with the big news first: I have been transferred, and on Tuesday I will leave for BERLIN! I will be serving in Dahlem, a part of Berlin, as a Sister Training Leader with Sister Rückauer. I am so excited ... little intimidated, but I know that the Lord qualifies those He calls. Sister Rückauer is from Frankfurt and we were trained in the same Zone. She is sweet and spiritually in tune. This will be a great transfer, and my German will improve drastically :) My new address will be:

Sister Grace Hendricks
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
Duisburger Str. 10
Berlin 10707
Other highlights of the week include: 

- Our trek out to Obervieland: Sister Ballard and I had a few people in this suburb that we wanted to visit. Our first stop was a referral from the office. We klingeled and she was home! Her name is Akos and she is a really sweet young mother from Ghana. She had met with the missionaries a little bit before, but had just moved to Bremen with her boyfriend and 3 children. She invited us to come back this week. We spent the rest of our time in Obervieland contacting people that are on the ward list and no one knows what their scoop is. Lots of sketchy apartment complexes tucked behind extensive hospital and clinic buildings. Most of them weren't home or had moved. Classic :) It was cool though - even though there was NO ONE on the streets, we had some good conversations with people at bus stops and on the bus. As missionaries, we need to talk to everyone. For me, it's usually best to just to start a natural, friendly conversation. It's not intrusive and I still have the opportunity to be bold and bear testimony.

- Zone Training Meeting: My last ZTM in the Oldenburg Zone! The theme was a quote from President Eyring: " God will put prepared people in the way of His prepared servant who want to share the gospel. You have had that happen in your own life. How often it happens depends on the preparation of your mind and your heart." Amen. I thought a lot about how I can prepare myself to fulfill my calling as a missionary - what are my prayers like? What am I studying? How do I approach the Sacrament each week? 

- Michaela: She is finally making progress again! Our lesson with her was great. The Spirit was strong and I think the Book of Mormon has finally clicked for her - that it isn't just a nice book to help her feel better, it is the word of God, an anchor in her life, and its truthfulness is evidence that Joseph Smith was called of the Lord to restore His gospel. I told her that she needs to commit to read in it regularly and obey what it teaches her. She agreed enthusiastically. We gave her a copy of Elder Holland's talk "Safety for the Soul," and I think that this will be the icing on the cake.

It feels weird to leave Bremen. It kind of feels like Indiana Jones stepping onto the invisible bridge - a real step of faith. He couldn't see the bridge that would take him safely to the other side. He could feel the solid ground beneath his feet right before he took that step, but he had no idea what would come. I feel like I have given my all to Bremen. I can feel the solid ground of 6 months of work under my feet. Now the Lord needs me to step out, even though I can't see the invisible bridge ahead. He has promised me, indeed all of us, a way to get to the other side. The bridge is there. On Tuesday I will take that step. And even though I can't see the bridge yet, it will be just as solid as the ground beneath my feet now. Berlin, here I come.

Sister Grace Hendricks

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