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Monday, January 25, 2016

A Priesthood Blessing

Dear all,

This week has been one for the books - every day booked solid from the second we finish studies to the last possible moment we can be home, joint teaches, killer Persian food, two investigators committing to be baptized, investigators at church, referrals, a surprise hug from an old Polish man, forgetting really basic English vocabulary, singing "I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane" while our stake president plucked out a few chords on his super retro nylon string guitar, cracking up the whole way home after an insanely awkward lesson with two Russian-speaking women, planning a Fufu party, and so much more.

But my favorite moment of the week was late yesterday evening after Ward Mission Correlation. A major headache, fever, and sore throat had been paining me since the night before and I felt
overwhelmed. All throughout our meetings at church, I was pulled in a thousand different directions: translating, caring for all of the investigators there, setting up joint teaches for the coming week, battling the snarky remarks of a grumpy old sister, setting up skype Persian Sunday school, and the list went on. Normally, I would have been energized by all of the excitement, but this time, I felt stretched beyond my capacities - like I could feel my body snap under the strain.

I asked Brother Lopez for a Priesthood blessing. He laid his hands on my head and, with authority from Jesus Christ, gave me one of the most specific and powerful blessings I have ever received. Through the words he spoke, I knew with my whole soul that it was actually my Father in Heaven speaking. The concerns of my heart, things about my personality, challenges I had been dealing with for a long time - all were specifically addressed. The bold, personal promises extended could not have been fabricated by a man I hardly knew, but rather had to have been given by inspiration from a loving God who knows His daughter Grace.

I am so grateful to know that God still communicates with man. I am grateful to know and feel the power of His priesthood and authority restored once again to the earth. I am grateful to know that He is deeply and intimately involved in our lives - not from a distance, but rather step by step alongside us.

I love my God and I love you.

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Hendricks

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