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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

That Lime Green Karmann Ghia

This past week was the first week of my 2nd transfer on my mission! That means a new planner (family - I have a "collection of Russian Nesting Dolls" *insert Nacho Libre voice* on the back of my planner! SCORE! Thank you Liahona magazine from 2 years ago!), some changes in the district (goodbye Elder Morales, Hello to Elder Fitch, Elder Bakly, Sister Stacy, and Elder Pilling), and only a few more weeks left with my trainer. It has been one of the longest yet fastest weeks I've ever had. So many appointments, miracles, disappointments, relying on the Lord, and so many sincere prayers. 

Sister Moffet and I are determined to have a good relationship with the members of our ward. We had many essentermins and lessons with members and less active members. All of them went really well! I found that if I am just myself, the members start to open up and bond with us. We were able to get them excited about sharing the gospel and the Spirit helped them remember their own conversion stories. I'm really grateful and feel like a lot of progress was made. 

One of the biggest highlights of my week was seeing an Audi R8 in Gröpelingen and a lime green Karmann Ghia in Innenstadt! Tender mercies of the Lord, let me tell ya. 

One of our invetigators, Frau Schlalos, committed to be baptized on March 15th! She has a long way to go to be ready for that date, but we are determined to help her in every way that we can. 

Irina Gottwald, our 22 year old investigator, is progressing by leaps and bounds. The only hinderances to her progress are a few emotional stresses, but the Spirit was so strong as we taught her about the Plan of Happiness.She now has a better understanding of why our Father in Heaven gives us hard things and how challenges in our life allow us to become stronger and learn. Later in the week, we taught her about commandments... I don't think that anyone could have accepted the law of chastity and Word of Wisdom with so much enthusiasm! She wants these blessings. She is progressing so surely and steadily towards her February 1st baptismal date. 

Sister Moffet and I are very different people, but we are so blessed to have each other. When we have the spirit with us, we teach really well. Our strengths balance really well and the most important thing is that we LOVE the people we teach and we know that what we teach is true. Each of us have found that out for ourselves. 

Mom, I remember you observing how missionary emails/letters are so lovey - even from people you wouldn't expect that from. I'm beginning to understand it. The love that you feel for the people you teach engulfs your whole heart. You want more than anything to know that Heavenly Father knows them, loves them, and has a plan for them. You want them to be happy and to feel the peace and structure that the gospel of Jesus Christ has brought to your own life. I think that Heavenly Father lets missionaries have a little glimpse at just how much He loves His children as we teach them. 

Liebe Grüße, 

Sister Grace Hendricks

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