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Monday, February 16, 2015

Burritos/Roses For Strangers

This was a great week!

Last P-Day, we found an absolute GEM in this bleak wilderness of boiled potatoes, rotcol, and chunky gravy... drumroll please... A BURRITO JOINT!!! It's cheap and it's tiny and it's a dream come true. "Burrito Rossali" - whoever Rossali is, I love her.

One of the Elders' investigators brought two of his friends to soccer: Hector and Ninett Saucedo. They are a newlywed couple from Bolivia ... hello SPANISH! My Spanish is very rusty, but I started getting back in the swing of things. They were so sweet - we exchanged numbers and are hoping that some progress will be made with them. Our investigator, Musa, also came to soccer for the first time!
Friday did not go as planned at all BUT it turned out to be really really fun. We went over to Familie Barufe for a Midtagsessen Termin and that turned into a quick adventure to Bremen Nord. We went to a bombed out WWII U-Boat Bunker called "Valentin" and it was so incredibly cool. 

On Valentine's Day, after Sister Moffet and I finished all of our appointments, we bought 2 dozen roses for 2 Euro and handed them out to random people on the street. They were confused, then surprised, then grateful, and then impressed that two young women were spending their Valentine's evening handing out flowers to complete strangers. It led to some pretty great discussions about why were were here and Sister Moffet and I decided it was our best Valentine's day ever. 

Church was great. For the first time I actually felt like I understood everything that was going on and everything that people said to me - PROGRESS! Scary Bruder Hardel came up to me and told me that my German is getting really good. I was so happy!

Last night as we got a surprise phone call from our old investigator Irina. Irina had been our golden investigator - we loved her with our whole hearts and she seemed to be progressing toward her February 1st baptismal date with enthusiasm and with spiritual passion. One day she dropped us with no warning and as I wrote you a few weeks ago, and we were heartbroken. So when Irina's name popped up on the screen of our tiny little phone ... adrenaline rush! She apologized profusely for dropping us and said that she wanted to meet again. We have an appointment on Friday. Sister Moffet and are praying to know how we can best prepare for this meeting with her.

This week I was really impressed by a verse in Jacob 4. Verse 7 says:
"Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by his grace, and his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things."

I thought about why I have weaknesses. This led to a lot of self-reflection and analysis and I found that every single one of my weaknesses is a very specific invitation to lean on the Lord to become better. I thought about how the best way that I can use this gift of grace is to come to Him in prayer with my weaknesses. To kneel in humility and tell Him the shortcomings that I have recognized in myself. To ask Him specifically to help me understand how I can make those weaknesses strengths, and to ask to be refined in His hands. The best way to find out who I should be is to ask my Heavenly Father. I have total confidence that through the Atonement of my Redeemer and best friend, Jesus Christ, I can be refined. I can have my weaknesses become strengths and I can become the missionary that He wants me to be.

This is my last week with my trainer so it will be CRAZY, but we are going to make it one great last week.

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Grace Hendricks

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