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Monday, February 9, 2015

Eureka!/Hairstylin'/Middle Eastern Eats/Forts

It was a really interesting week of disappointments, prayers answered and weird food. 

The Elders’ investigator, Marcella Kromer, has a 17 year-old daughter, Sunny. As Marcella has investigated the church and eventually accepted the invitation to be baptized (2 weeks; I have been asked to sing “Savior, Redeemer Of My Soul”), Sunny has loved having the missionaries around but has not wanted to be a part of any lessons.  BUT on Tuesday, Sister Moffet and I had an amazing discussion with her and explained the 2nd lesson and she later expressed to her mother how much she appreciated the conversation and how Sister Moffet and I responded not as lecturers but as friends.  You never know!

Zone Conference was great!  The point that we are “creators of circumstance” has really stuck with me.  As Sister Moffet and I have been trying to rebuild our program, I’ve been trying to be even more bold, to create situations where we can serve, show kindness, share our message and rely on the Lord to guide us. We also had interviews with President Kosak – I can really feel how much he loves us. He told me that my German is coming along extremely well – SCORE!  He also said that I will definitely lose Sister Moffet next transfer – NOT score!

A few highlights: We were able to get back in contact with Frau Schlalos and she is back on for her baptismal date of March 15. Yesterday at church, Fred (an amazing African who was baptized in October) brought a friend from work to church with him.  Her name is Ulrike (sounds like Eureka) and she just moved to Bremen to “start a new life.”  I got to talk to her a lot and learned that she is incredibly spiritual and wants to follow what God’s plan is for her.  During Sacrament Meeting, she leaned over to me with tears in her eyes and whispered “I am so happy.  This feeling is too big for my heart.”  She wants to learn everything and we have an appointment on Tuesday!

I DYED SISTER MOFFET’S HAIR. It looks surprisingly great.  German hair products for the win. 

I GOT PALESTINIAN FOOD FOR DINNER LAST NIGHT! We went to visit a member of the ward and her nonmember husband and he cooked us the best meal I’ve had on my mission.  I felt right at home.  The 1 ½ hour travel each way was totally worth it.  Plus, the husband wants us to come back so he can make us fish.  Progress?  Potential investigator?  Fingers crossed.

I am savoring my last few weeks with my lovely companion.  We really are so different, but I have learned so much from her.  I feel blessed to be with someone so motivated to work and who is happy while we work. I know the Savior isn’t waiting for me at the finish line of my mission or even at the end of this life.  He is right here with me every day.  Something that has really helped me get through the hard days is writing down little blessings that I see throughout the day – anything from hearing Pink Floyd’s “Us and Them” in a sandwich shop to finding a scripture that I really liked.  I know that the Lord hears our prayers and knows what is best for us – it’s all about trusting Him.

 Liebe Grüße,

Sister Grace Hendricks

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